Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR)

Multicultural Marketing Resources (MMR) is publisher of newsletters and reports and a consulting firm specializing in multicultural and diversity information. We help corporations by supplying information on multicultural marketing and diversity tailored to their specific needs; providing referrals to multicultural communications firms (ad agencies, research firms etc.) and helping them publicize multicultural programs and diversity initiatives. MMR is the publisher of The Source Book of Multicultural Experts online, Multicultural Marketing News (MMRNewsand a Speakers Showcase.

Lisa Skriloff, President of Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. founded the company in 1994. She is a writer, educator, trainer and editor of the aforementioned publications as well as Multicultural Travel News, among others and the author of an early internet book published in 1997.

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Public Relations:

For corporations, we work as a retained or project PR firm or as a sub contractor to their PR firm whereby MMR handles the multicultural and diversity work. Specifically that might mean writing and sending out press releases to our proprietary distribution list about a corporation and its diversity initiatives, appointments and promotion of executives of color and other news to the mainstream press and ethnic press.

And we are a PR firm for PR firms, as well as ad agencies and other communications companies. Who better to understand the importance of public relations to new business development than a PR firm? (Who is also likely to be too busy to undertake their own work for themselves).


We create and execute marketing plans for businesses, specifically for new business development.


MMR publishes the newsletter, “Multicultural Marketing News™” and the directory “The Source Book of Multicultural Experts™”.

MMRNews, our free email newsletter, contains announcements and information on marketing to multicultural markets, as well as upcoming multicultural events and conferences. Sign up here. Companies can use MMRNews as well as a distribution service to send out their own multicultural news to our database.


MMR serves as a resource for marketers whose companies target the Hispanic, African American, and Asian American, women, gay/lesbian and other niche markets, providing in-depth data, background information and connections. We charge an hourly fee for custom projects that range from 2 to 20 hours or more. We ghostwrite internal powerpoint presentations, provide answers to commonly asked questions and referrals to experts for more in-depth needs.

We offer consulting services to start up and advanced multicultural marketers and, via our Multicultural Speakers Showcase, bring educational programs to corporations, universities and conferences.

MMR also is the host of the Multicultural Marketing Library and Knowledge Center, which is open for membership to communication professionals.

We compile secondary research reports and prepare power point presentations for internal meetings. We organize events and invite the ethnic media and mainstream media as well consumers.

Our Staff:

Lisa Skriloff