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        Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.
    (MMR) is a public relations agency, marketing firm, publishing company and consulting firm. We help corporations by supplying information on multicultural marketing and diversity tailored to their specific needs; providing referrals to multicultural communications firms (ad agencies, research firms etc.) and helping them publicize multicultural programs and diversity initiatives.

    We represent the nation's leading firms with expertise in marketing to Hispanic, Asian American, African American, LGBT, and other niche markets helping them gain visibility leading to new business for their companies. We also represent minority- and women-owned businesses and specialize in disseminating multicultural marketing news and advertorials. We connect journalists to diverse sources and experts in multicultural marketing and diversity to interview. Lisa Skriloff, President of Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. founded the company in 1994. MMR publishes Multicultural Marketing News, the multicultural enewsletter, the annual directory, The Source Book of Multicultural Experts, a Calendar of Recommended Multicultural and Diversity Events and has established the Multicultural Marketing Resources Reference Library/Knowledge Center, open to communications professionals. We offer consulting services to start up and advanced multicultural marketers and, via our Multicultural Speakers Showcase, bring educational programs to corporations, universities and conferences.... View Profile

    Business Type: Public Relations Firm, Marketing, Marketing Consulting
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Latin American Market,Multicultural Market
    Industry Expertise: Education,Entertainment/Music,Non-profit,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Other
    Services: Cause Related Marketing,Consulting,Corporate Communications,Custom publishing,Digital/Interactive,Direct Marketing,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Marketing,Media,Public Relations,Recruitment,Social Media,Supplier Diversity,Training,Translations,Other

        Muse Communications
    Muse Communications is an award-winning multicultural advertising agency and now part of Quantasy, a leading digital firm. Combined we form a fully integrated brand services agency for a changing world. Our center of excellence is based on 4 main pillars: Strategy, Social Content, Marketing, and Technology. Specialized practices include financial services, automotive, entertainment and media, health and education. With a keen understanding of culture, we are able to create the most powerful brand experiences for any given segment as well as the total market.... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency
    Markets: African American Market,American Muslim Market,Asian American Market,Canadian Market,Chinese Market,Cross Cultural Market,Disability Market,Filipino Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Japanese Market,Korean Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Middle Eastern,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Native American Market,Senior Market (50+),South Asian Market,Total Market,U.S. Emerging African Market,Vietnamese Market,Women’s Market,Other
    Industry Expertise: Automotive,Banking,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Retail, Public Awareness, Behavior Change, Entertainment
    Services: Brand Building,Consulting,Corporate Communications,Creative,Design,Digital/Interactive,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Mobile Marketing,Multicultural Talent and Casting,Out of Home Advertising,Production,Social Media,Strategic Planning

        Open Doors Organization

    Open Doors Organization (ODO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Chicago that helps businesses in travel, transportation and tourism better serve their customers with disabilities. Through comprehensive research, training, and guidance in marketing strategies, ADA compliance, and customer service, ODO gives big and small business alike the tools necessary to reach and serve the disability market.... View Profile

    Business Type: Professional/Non-profit
    Markets: Disability Market
    Industry Expertise: Non-profit,Professional Services
    Services: Cause Related Marketing,Consulting,Marketing,Other

        Pink Banana Media
    LGBTQ Advertising & Marketing services, specializing in targeted banner advertising, e-mail campaigns, video, mobile apps and social media... View Profile

    Business Type: Marketing/Communications
    Markets: LGBT Market
    Industry Expertise: Banking,Pharma/Health,Technology,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Advertising,Integrated Marketing Communications,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Mobile Marketing,New Media,Social Media

        Rivendell Media
    Rivendell Media is the oldest and most established LGBT Media Rep firm in America. Rivendell Media represent 95% of all LGBT and HIV/AIDS publications, websites and digital properties in the US and Canada.... View Profile

    Business Type: Media-Print, Media-Website
    Markets: LGBT Market
    Industry Expertise: Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Pharma/Health,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Digital/Interactive,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Social Media

    Streamlyn is a publisher-focused programmatic advertising company that provides multicultural digital inventory across different U.S. and Canadian ethnicities. We operate directly with 2500 + Publishers on an exclusive partnership. Having the biggest pool of multicultural audiences, we assist brands to reach users from various ethnicities including Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Nigerian, etc.... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency
    Markets: African American Market,American Muslim Market,Asian American Market,Canadian Market,Chinese Market,Cross Cultural Market,Filipino Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Japanese Market,Korean Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,Vietnamese Market,Women’s Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Automotive,Banking,Education,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Home/Shelter,Insurance,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism,Beverages
    Services: Advertising,Brand Building,Cause Related Marketing,Consulting,Creative,Custom publishing,Digital/Interactive,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Media Training,Multicultural Talent and Casting,Recruitment,Sales/Promotion,Social Media,Strategic Planning,Training

        The AAF Mosaic Center for Multiculturalism
    The American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) Mosaic Center for Multiculturalism implements all of the organization’s multicultural and diversity initiatives. The Mosaic Center is an established leader on multicultural marketing/advertising and inclusion issues. The Center's mission includes the development of new programs and services to recognize and develop diverse talent and promote broad and realistic portrayals of multicultural communities.... View Profile

    Business Type: Professional/Non-profit
    Markets: Cross Cultural Market
    Industry Expertise: Education,Government, Diversity & Inclusion
    Services: Consulting,Event Planning,Multicultural Talent and Casting, Multicultural Marketing

        The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services (CIFS)
    The primary mission of the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services (CIFS) is to help the financial services industry recognize the economic benefits of multiculturalism in employment and supplier utilization, and to promote financial literacy to help all Americans understand how to grow their personal wealth. CIFS is a platform for all diversity and inclusion organizations to reach the sector of the financial services industry they represent. Our goal is a more inclusive workforce, to extend business opportunities to a more diverse mix of suppliers and improve financial literacy nationwide.... View Profile

    Business Type: Conferences & Seminars
    Markets: Men,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Total Market,Women in Business Market
    Industry Expertise: Banking,Financial Services,Insurance,Real Estate,Technology
    Services: Strategic Planning,Supplier Diversity

    From our Toronto head office, in FRENCH only inc. & in SPANISH too!'s mission has been to develop a sound working partnership with our clients to facilitate professional communications for their various language markets. Our team of professional translators and experienced management personnel are sensitive to your challenges in meeting translation requirements. We view our work on your behalf as an opportunity to promote your products and services professionally.
    Today's market reality has us promoting ourselves as Translations.CA to better reflect our capabilities in meeting the global language needs of our clients.... View Profile

    Business Type: Translation/Interpretation Company
    Markets: Other
    Industry Expertise: Other
    Services: Translations