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        Ethnic Technologies
    Ethnic Technologies® is the global leader in multicultural marketing, digital applications, research, data enhancements and analysis. The Ethnicenter from Ethnic Technologies is the result of over 40 years of continuous multicultural, religious and language preference research. E-Tech’s multicultural and language preference selects repeatedly outperform the competition in accuracy and response rates. Whether in digital applications, mailing, telemarketing or email campaigns, the E-Tech® data achieves excellent results.... View Profile

    Business Type: Marketing/Communications, Direct Marketing
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,Eastern European Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,U.S. Emerging African Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Financial Services,Healthcare,Non-profit,Telecom/Cable/Satellite,Gaming & Entertainment,Political
    Services: Direct Marketing data providers, Data enhancement, other

        Éthnico Advertising
    Éthnico Advertising is a full-service ad agency, specializing in the American multicultural space.... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency, Marketing/Communications
    Markets: Chinese Market,Filipino Market,Hispanic Market,Japanese Market,Korean Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Middle Eastern,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,Total Market,U.S. Emerging African Market,Vietnamese Market
    Industry Expertise: Automotive,Banking,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Restaurant,Retail,Sports,Technology,Telecommunications,Transportation,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Advertising,Brand Building,Consulting,Design,Digital/Interactive,Direct Marketing,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Focus Groups,Guerilla Marketing,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Media Training,Mobile Marketing,Moderator Services,Multicultural Talent and Casting,New Media,Out of Home Advertising,Production,Public Relations,Recruitment,Sales/Promotion,Sampling,Social Media,Sports Marketing,Strategic Planning,Translations

    fluent360™ is one of the foremost agency leaders shaping the multicultural marketing industry.
    Equal parts integrated marketing agency and cultural hub, we specialize in giving brands a resonating voice to effectively speak to various cultural segments– both ethnic and consumer niche followings.... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,Chinese Market,Cross Cultural Market,Filipino Market,Hispanic Market,Japanese Market,Korean Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,Total Market,U.S. Emerging African Market,Vietnamese Market
    Industry Expertise: Automotive,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Non-profit,Pharma/Health,Retail,Sports,Technology
    Services: Advertising,Brand Building,Cause Related Marketing,Consulting,Creative,Design,Digital/Interactive,Experiential Marketing,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Mobile Marketing,Multicultural Talent and Casting,Social Media,Strategic Planning,Training

        Horowitz Research
    As a full-service consumer insights firm with a mission for delivering insights that inspire innovation, Horowitz understands that with more consumer touch points than ever before, brands today depend on understanding how the confluence of technology, diversity, and media impacts their consumers at every point in the consumer journey.... View Profile

    Business Type: Market Research Firm
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,Chinese Market,Cross Cultural Market,Disability Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,Total Market
    Industry Expertise: Consumer Electronics,Entertainment/Music,Non-profit,Technology,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism,Other, Market Research
    Services: Consulting,Focus Groups,Market Research,Moderator Services

        House of Marketing Research
    Many companies hope they're reaching their target audiences, but don't really know for sure. House of Marketing Research ("HMR") is the one they turn to, to find out. HMR is one of LA's Premiere Focus Group Facility. Specializing in both quantitative and qualitative research, HMR's capabilities include in-house recruiting, massive national database, intercept interviewing, national project management, mobile market research, online discussion board groups, online and offline surveys, online focus groups and usability labs Our staff of trained moderators (QRCA members) with capabilities in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Tagalog, obtain quality insights to help our clients make better business decisions. HMR's proactive researchers offer expertise in a wide variety of segments, including healthcare, consumer goods, business-to-business, and ethnic markets including African American, Asian and Hispanic. Our top rated focus group facility is equipped live video streaming for remote observation and participation, translation equipment, digital audio and video.... View Profile

    Business Type: Market Research Firm
    Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,Chinese Market,Cross Cultural Market,Filipino Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Japanese Market,Korean Market,Latin American Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Senior Market (50+),South Asian Market,Total Market,U.S. Emerging African Market,Vietnamese Market,Women’s Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Beverages-Non-Alcoholic,Consumer Electronics,Cosmetics and Beauty,Education,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Home/Shelter,Insurance,Legal,Medical,Non-profit,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Restaurant,Retail,Sports,Technology,Telecommunications,Transportation,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Focus Groups,Market Research,Moderator Services,Sampling,Translations,Event Planning/Events,User Experience,Participant Recruitment

    INFUSION provides Clients the best-in-class multicultural marketing leadership and consistent results by infusing strategic acumen, ROI-powered ideas and ‘brains heart and grit’. They are strategic business growth leaders who link all the pieces for ethnic success known for their strong analytics, segmentation and insights led by dynamic, hands-on Stanford MBA Liz Castells, and a driven team who thrives on challenges and developing 360° initiatives and campaigns that impact the bottom line.

    ... View Profile

    Business Type: Advertising Agency
    Markets: African American Market,Hispanic Market, Asian
    Industry Expertise: Automotive,Banking,Government,Healthcare, Retail/QSR, Cable/Telecommunications, Film & Entertainment, Grocery, CPG, Beverages, Apparel, Special Events, Charity*
    Services: Advertising,Marketing,Strategic Planning, Full Creative & Production (Multi-lingual Branding, Direct Response), Segmentation, Social, Media/Digital/Mobile Planning & Buying, Grassroots, Business consulting, Identity/Packaging/Naming, Retail and Influencer programs.

        interTrend Communications
    We are a multicultural agency that understands the intersection of culture, emerging trends, and the interaction between brands and consumers. We are interpreters and interrupters. Interdisciplinary and international. We are Intertrend. We create deeply resonant and exceptional consumer experiences. To be the most design-driven, tech-forward creative agency, agile in thought and action. Where culture and content meet.... View Profile

    Business Type: Other,Creative and Media Advertising/Marketing Agency
    Markets: Asian American Market,Cross Cultural Market,General Market,LGBT Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,Total Market,Youth/Teen Market,Other,Chinese American and China Market,Vietnamese American,Filipino American,Japanese American, Korean American
    Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Cosmetics and Beauty,Education,Entertainment/Music,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Non-profit,Packaged Goods,Real Estate,Restaurant,Retail,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism,Other,Hospitality
    Services: Advertising,Brand Building,Cause Related Marketing,Consulting,Creative,Design,Digital/Interactive,Direct Marketing,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Mobile Marketing,Multicultural Talent and Casting,New Media,Out of Home Advertising,Production,Public Relations,Sales/Promotion,Social Media,Sports Marketing,Strategic Planning,Supplier Diversity,Translations,Other,Traditional and Digital Media Planning-Buying,Programmatic Advertising/Media Planning & Buy

        LatinoEyes®, a division of C+R Research
    LatinoEyes® is the research consultancy division of C+R Research that specializes in U.S. Hispanic and Latin American consumers and shoppers. The LatinoEyes® team is comprised of experienced researchers who have a deep understanding of both U.S. and Latino cultures and advanced quantitative and qualitative methodologies. They offer cutting-edge technologies, as well as the best methods for researching and gaining insights into this important market as well as other multicultural groups with their multicultural research team, CultureBeat. This team’s intellectual expertise, coupled with C+R's logistical capabilities, has made LatinoEyes® a leader in Hispanic marketing research. C+R Research is an established, innovative marketing insights firm that leverages the best of emerging and traditional quantitative and qualitative research methods to provide custom solutions tailored to the unique business needs of their clients.... View Profile

    Business Type: Market Research Firm
    Markets: African American Market,Cross Cultural Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Senior Market (50+),Total Market,Women’s Market,Youth/Teen Market
    Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Consumer Electronics,Cosmetics and Beauty,Education,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Retail,Technology,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Market Research

        Mandala Research
    Mandala Research is one of the leading market research companies with broad specialties, including niche markets, multicultural markets, and travel and tourism. We uncover drivers of consumer behavior to enable our clients to develop tactics and messaging that address the motivating factors in decision-making.... View Profile

    Business Type: Consulting,Direct Marketing,Market Research Firm
    Markets: African American Market,American Muslim Market,Asian American Market,Canadian Market,Chinese Market,Cross Cultural Market,Disability Market,European Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Jewish Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Men,Middle Eastern,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Native American Market,Polish Market,Senior Market (50+),South Asian Market,Total Market,Women’s Market,Women in Business Market
    Industry Expertise: Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Beverages-Non-Alcoholic,Consumer Electronics,Education,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Medical,Non-profit,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Real Estate,Retail,Sports,Technology,Telecommunications,Transportation,Travel/Tourism
    Services: Brand Building,Consulting,Event Planning,Focus Groups,Market Research,Media Planning-Buying,Moderator Services,Sampling,Strategic Planning,Innovation,Media Planning & Strategy,Multicultural Marketing,Naming,User Experience

        MediaVillage’s and Jack Myers KnowledgeExchange (JMKE)
    About MediaVillage: MediaVillage drives the business of media forward through industry-leading research, content marketing and business connections that help companies advance across a changing media landscape. It leads the media and advertising community in advancing diversity, inclusion and talent development initiatives under the JACK MYERS KnowledgeExchange umbrella. MediaVillage has been researching and publishing proprietary market intelligence and trend studies for C-Suite executives for more than three decades, delivers revenue generating future-forward industry insights, and provides the only independent economic data and forecast on advertising and marketing investments. MediaVillage member companies are supported by a team of journalists, social media experts, marketers, researchers, industry analysts and experienced business development executives.... View Profile

    Business Type: Consulting, Market Research Firm, Marketing/Communications, Media-Website, Professional/Non-profit, Marketing intelligence, content marketing & leadership platform
    Markets: General Market,Men,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Total Market,Women’s Market,Women in Business Market,Other advertising, media, marketing
    Industry Expertise: Other advertising, media, marketing
    Services: Brand Building,Consulting,Corporate Communications,Custom publishing,Experiential Marketing,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Social Media,Strategic Planning,Other Marketing intelligence, content marketing & leadership platform